IPA: kˈæb


  • Compartment at the front of a truck or train for the driver.
  • Shelter at the top of an air traffic control tower or fire lookout tower.
  • Any of several four-wheeled carriages; a cabriolet.
  • Synonym of taxi
  • (historical units of measure) A former Hebrew unit of volume, about equal to 1.3 L as a dry measure or 1.25 L as a liquid measure.
  • (video games, informal) An arcade cabinet, the unit in which a video game is housed in a gaming arcade.
  • (rail transport) The station code of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong.
  • (skateboarding, snowboarding) A type of aerial spin; a switch frontside rotation.
  • (software, Windows) Alternative form of CAB; Clipping of cabinet file.; a compress library archive file. [(rail transport) The station code of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong.]
  • Alternative form of Cab [(skateboarding, snowboarding) A type of aerial spin; a switch frontside rotation.]
  • (US) Initialism of Civil Aeronautics Board.
  • (UK) Initialism of Citizens Advice Bureau.
  • (Ireland) Initialism of Criminal Assets Bureau.
  • (military, US) Initialism of Combat Action Badge.
  • (emergency medicine) Initialism of chest compressions, airway and breathing.
  • (psychology) Initialism of Cognition, Affect, and Behavior.
  • Initialism of caffeinated alcoholic beverage.
  • Abbreviation of Cabernet Sauvignon wine.


  • To travel by taxicab.

Examples of "cab" in Sentences

  • The cab front was set at a rakish angle.
  • Note the unusual position of the drivers cab.
  • The display is in the cab at dashboard level.
  • A forlorn Carla leaves the reception in a cab.
  • The cab is situated in front of the front axle.
  • In addition he could declare the costs of the cab.
  • The Belpaire firebox is the square shape in front of the cab.
  • The cab of the Actros is built with consideration of the driver.
  • The cab of the locomotive was crushed and the driver was killed.
  • The driver had complained of fumes in the cabs on previous occasions.
  • If you have those numbers you can tell at a glance if a cab is a pirate.
  • The other kind of cab is the yellow or "standard" cab - mostly small sedans.
  • On top of that crane there used to be a cab, what they call a cab on top of it, about the size of a small fire truck.
  • If you hear the term cab within the trick's name, it means the rider came into the trick riding switch and landed regular.
  • You also talk a bit about how conceiving of racism simply as having problems driving while black or being unable to get a cab is a dangerous form of forgetting on the part of black people.
  • First, my temper was tried by the almost interminable journey, in the noisy and comfortless vehicle which they call a cab, from the river-wharf to the west-end of London, where Marmaduke lives.

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