cab fare

IPA: kˈæbfˈɛr


  • the fare charged for riding in a taxicab

Examples of "cab-fare" in Sentences

  • The fact of his having paid his own cab-fare from the
  • "I haven't enough money to pay cab-fare across the town --"
  • "Naturally; it happens to everybody when he lacks a cab-fare," said
  • He'd just have to grin and bear it, though; he sure didn't have cab-fare.
  • He had no money, -- not even cab-fare from the hotel to the railway station.
  • My idea is that the cheap cab-fare should include any place in the Home Counties.
  • An idler or two took up a grinning stand: the thing looked like a cab-fare dispute ....
  • I had no inducement, remember, ever to return to surreptitious life within a cab-fare of Wormwood Scrubbs.
  • That he had brought it from home was beyond cavil in his mind, for had he not paid his cab-fare and the other expenses from it?
  • Even, he argued, if Charles the chauffeur had been given the day off or was driving her father the millionaire to the City to attend to his vast interests, she could surely afford a cab-fare?

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