IPA: kʌbˈɑɫʌ


  • Alternative spelling of Kabballah [(Judaism) A body of mystical Jewish teachings based on an esoteric reading of the Hebrew scriptures.]

Examples of "cabala" in Sentences

  • I was amused to be in the cabala.
  • The exact location of Cabala is also unknown.
  • In Cabala he is one of the seven angels that rule the earth.
  • I left a comment on cabala discussion page, thread Kabbalah.
  • OK, I'll go to Cabala talk to see if we are in contact there.
  • He uses the term cabala to define this knowledge system and its use.
  • Jewish 'cabala' or idea of the Messiah by the spiritualists before the
  • In his writing he simply writes that cabala wasn't originally mystical.
  • The disambiguation page for cabala does not have a non mystical channel.
  • The whole Clinton cabala with the Repubs is a figment of far left imagination.
  • The little we have learned is called hermetic knowledge, and the spells that summon forth their true appearance is called the cabala by some.
  • She can state her position on it if she wishes to or not state it and encourage the suspicion that there is come kind of cabala going with the telecom.
  • And if this secret pattern, this cabala, were deciphered, it would tell you how to construct a new society, one that was based on justice, equality and freedom.
  • 'cabala' of Paul on the other: while at the same time it weakens the more important half of the objection to, or doubt concerning, the authenticity of St. Peter's Epistles.
  • In the case of Madonna, who was born Roman Catholic, her fascination with Jewish images flows mostly out of her attraction to something that she calls cabala but that many dismiss as a distillation of New Age notions about the genuine cabala.
  • Different explanations for this have been proposed; Orson Scott Card suggested it has something to do with the state of science, where the greatest discoveries now have to do with such cabala as superstrings and subatomic particles, which in his view don't make for the greatest stories (though authors of the forms of sf mentioned above might disagree).
  • For though the Jews have such a cabala (called gematry) as this which Mr. White describes; yet that cabala which is argued in this instance, and which our Saviour reproves in the pharisees by the name of tradition, is quite another thing, and among the Jewish writers known by the name of the "unwritten, or oral law;" which they say was delivered to Moses on Mount Sinai, and by him conveyed to Aaron and Joshua, and the elders, and successively delivered down from one age to another; and at last by Rabbi Jehudah compiled into one volume which they call Mishna, or deute'rosis.

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