IPA: kˈæbʌɫɪst


  • A member of a cabal.
  • A person skilled in esoteric matters.
  • A student of the Jewish Kaballah.

Examples of "cabalist" in Sentences

  • And we're running a cabalist regime.
  • Less chance of a cabalistic subculture.
  • Hi, you requested a mediation cabalist.
  • Hi, you're down as being an an active cabalist.
  • Fano also wrote notes to many cabalistic works.
  • Veteran cabalists frown on this practice as ostentatious.
  • There are apparently 'three' advocates and a cabalist involved.
  • So the curious must be content to consult some other cabalist, --
  • It is knowledge that is public as opposed to secretive or cabalistic.
  • It is knowledge that is 'public' as opposed to secretive or cabalistic.
  • And you're right, it seemed almost cabalistic there, and sockpuppet like.
  • He simply asserts that the President is a "cabalist" and leaves it at that.
  • Basically he has bought in so completely to the denialist/cabalist camp, he will believe any of their lies.
  • Michael Ben-Horin, an anti-disengagement protester, on organizing a cabalist ritual to put a curse on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for his plan to withdraw from Gaza.
  • During the Stuart Restoration period, the pro-satanic Rosicrucian and cabalist cultism around the Stuart court seized upon the case of Robert Bruce to reorganize the cult in a new form.
  • The modern spread of witchcraft in English-speaking nations, began during the sixteenth century, in the setting of imported cabalist and Rosicrucian cults built up around Oxford and Cambridge.
  • They selected the head of their curate, who had recently died, -- on the ground that, as he had studied algebra, he was a great cabalist, and any numbers from his head would be sure to draw a prize.
  • Mr. Keats establishes this idea with a mock-foreword by an academic mock-author (Jay Katz, Ph. D.), in a Princess Bride sort of vein, about finding, among buried papers excavated from the ruins of a lost German synagogue, the records of a rogue cabalist who blasphemously wrote down the true stories of some of these 36.
  • Of course, with the protean Madonna, who has reinvented herself from Material Girl to erotic icon to domestic supermom, the new, more cerebral figure of cabalist is a daring twist, and there are those who admire her ingenuity as an aging artist though perhaps a T-shirt during a California performance on the tour that read “Kabbalists Do It Better” went a little far.

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