IPA: kˈæbʌɫˈɪstɪk


  • Of or relating to a cabal; secretive and cliquish.
  • Inexplicitly popular and expressive
  • Of or relating to Kabballah.

Examples of "cabalistic" in Sentences

  • Less chance of a cabalistic subculture.
  • Fano also wrote notes to many cabalistic works.
  • It is knowledge that is public as opposed to secretive or cabalistic.
  • It is knowledge that is 'public' as opposed to secretive or cabalistic.
  • And you're right, it seemed almost cabalistic there, and sockpuppet like.
  • There was always a ring of people somewhere uttering strange cabalistic noises, such as - ‘ten he heads
  • M. de Bragadin said that it was Solomon's key, vulgarly called cabalistic science, and he asked me from whom I learnt it.
  • M. de Bragadin said that it was Solomon’s key, vulgarly called cabalistic science, and he asked me from whom I learnt it.
  • The Online Etymology dictionary notes that the word was a magical formula circa 1696 from Late Gk. Abraxas, cabalistic or gnostic name for the supreme god, and thus a word of power.
  • Log of _The Humane Hopwood_, which heretofore had been a kind of cabalistic Register, full of blots, crosses, half-moons, and zigzags, like the chalk score of an unlettered Ale-wife.
  • Grace untied her nice clean coil of rope, while Madaline besought her in every kind of cabalistic sign she could summon to her aid, to desist in her reckless intention of tieing the man to the tree.
  • The word "Jafr" is supposed to mean a skin (camel's or dog's), prepared as parchment for writing; and Al-Jafr, the book here in question, is described as a cabalistic prognostication of all that will ever happen to the Moslems.
  • 'catenary,' a line very simple in shape, but endowed with an algebraic symbol that has to resort to a kind of cabalistic number at variance with any sort of numeration, so much so that the unit refuses to express it, however much we subdivide the unit.
  • It will probably take up a few white boards and photoshopped photos, fake documents, enlarged fine prints of this and that document with some cabalistic code, conspiring doctors that would have to include the AMA and the American Cancer Society, etc. to shed light on that vast conspiracy!

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