IPA: kæbɝˈeɪ


  • Live entertainment held in a restaurant or nightclub; the genre of music associated with this form of entertainment, especially in early 20th century Europe.
  • The nightclub or restaurant where such entertainment is held.
  • (Philippines) A strip club.

Examples of "cabaret" in Sentences

  • Not a cabaret in the modern sense.
  • Later she was in cabaret and revue.
  • Cabaret, concert and event directing.
  • It was heavily inspired by cabaret music.
  • Thereafter will be the favorite of the cabaret films.
  • The album is noted for the vaudeville and cabaret influence.
  • He is aided by a cabaret singer while placating a jealous wife.
  • The ensuing scandal led to the abolition of the cabaret card system.
  • The cabaret features over 40 dancers in risque outfits from mesh to latex.
  • Kutscher was a friend of the iconoclastic dramatist and cabaret star Wedekind.
  • Turning to the stage, she appeared in German cabaret productions and small films.
  • The Dutch are quite keen on what they call cabaret, and the artists known as cabaretiers.
  • Fabrizi was known as a comic actor and Magnani had cut her teeth in cabaret; together they give the film tremendous warmth and heart.
  • Say the word cabaret, and you think straight away of lines of scantily-clad can-can girls kicking their legs in the Moulin Rouge or Folies Bergeres in Paris.
  • LIANE HANSEN, host: The word cabaret evokes so many images: singers dressed to the nines in elegant nightclubs or dark intimate rooms, cover charges and two-drink minimums.
  • Even more than related musical forms, like jazz, the definition of "cabaret" is constantly changing and eternally subjective, and these two series are at the heart of that debate.
  • The veteran headliner, who has sung in jazz clubs, theaters, concert halls and, most famously, in eight major Broadway shows, feels that cabaret is primarily a "place" and not necessarily a style.
  • So anchored in German cabaret music was the Waits-Kronos set that it seemed inevitable that they'd do something by Kurt Weill; Weill and Brecht's "What Keeps Mankind Alive?" was the eventual choice.
  • She is one of the hardest-swinging jazz vocalists working today, yet Paula West 's career pattern of appearing primarily in cabaret venues like Feinstein' s and the Oak Room underscores that she hardly neglects the lyrics and narrative.

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