IPA: kˈæbʌdʒ


  • An edible plant (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) having a head of green leaves.
  • (uncountable) The leaves of this plant eaten as a vegetable.
  • (countable, offensive) A person with severely reduced mental capacities due to brain damage.
  • Used as a term of endearment.
  • (uncountable, slang) Money.
  • (uncountable, slang) Marijuana leaf, the part that is not smoked but from which cannabutter can be extracted.
  • The terminal bud of certain palm trees, used for food.
  • The cabbage palmetto (Sabal palmetto), a palm of the southeastern US coasts and nearby islands.
  • (slang) Scraps of cloth which are left after a garment has been cut out, which tailors traditionally kept.


  • (intransitive) To form a head like that of the cabbage.
  • (intransitive, slang) To do nothing; to idle; veg out.
  • (transitive) To embezzle or purloin; to pilfer, to steal.

Examples of "cabbage" in Sentences

  • The Cabbage is a leafy veg.
  • The cabbage is a leafy vegetable.
  • The 'Cabbage' is a leafy vegetable.
  • Featured in the Battle of Shanghai Cabbage.
  • Cabbage is the basis for the German sauerkraut.
  • It is the best breed cabbage with the cheapest rates.
  • Napa cabbage is my favorite food, at least some days.
  • The actual translation of the word kapusta is cabbage.
  • He's the narrator of the Cabbage Patch Kids' story, too.
  • Madeleine was in the cabbage garden, quite close to the fort.
  • It is also related to the 'Lepidium' species in the cabbage family.
  • It tastes really good, though the cabbage is a tad overcooked (I don't mind, since I like cabbage).
  • Well, the plain cabbage is now used up, so tomorrow I go cross town to buy a Savoy and make the raised cabbage pies.
  • The fish taco was a small white tortilla with some chunks of fish, melted up with cheddar cheese and a side of plain cabbage and tomatoes.
  • I am originally Canadian and way up north (about 1500 miles north of the USA/Canadian border) in Ontario, I learned how to cook Skunk cabbage from the indians.

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