cabbage butterfly

IPA: kˈæbʌdʒbˈʌtɝfɫaɪ


  • A very common butterfly whose caterpillars feed on cabbage and other crucifers, a large white (Pieris brassicae)

Examples of "cabbage-butterfly" in Sentences

  • The cabbage-butterfly on cabbage or mustard plants,
  • The larvæ of the cabbage-butterfly sometimes do a great deal of harm by eating the cabbage leaves.
  • (_Philodice_), white cabbage-butterfly, comma and semicolon, and numerous small fry, fluttering about me in evident protest against my intrusion.
  • Because of the ease with which the cabbage-butterfly may be obtained and the rapidity of its development in the various stages, it is very suitable as a type for the study of metamorphosis.
  • In a few cases, the development within the cocoon is quite rapid; and the adult form hatches out in a few weeks, for example, the cabbage-butterfly, monarch or milkweed butterfly, and tussock-moth.
  • Among the butterfly representatives I at length observed one individual which at first had escaped me, an exclusive white cabbage-butterfly which sipped quietly at his leaf in the shade, and seemed to take little interest in the disreputable actions of his associates.
  • Again, where the food of the young depends on where the mother places her eggs, as in the case of the caterpillars of the cabbage-butterfly, we may suppose that the parent stock of the species deposited her eggs sometimes on one kind and sometimes on another of congenerous plants (as some species now do), and if the cabbage suited the caterpillars better than any other plant, the caterpillars of those butterflies, which had chosen the cabbage, would be most plentifully reared, and would produce butterflies more apt to lay their eggs on the cabbage than on the other congenerous plants.

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