cabbage palm

IPA: kˈæbʌdʒpˈɑm


  • Any of several different types of palms and palm-like plants.
  • (Australia) Any of several palms of the genera Corypha and Livistona of northeastern and central Australia.
  • Corypha utan, an East Asian fan palm (including Northern Australia)
  • Livistona australis, an Australian palm
  • Cordyline fruticosa, a tropical tree native to Asia and Polynesia
  • Euterpe oleracea (acai palm), a Brazilian palm tree
  • Roystonea oleracea, a Caribbean palm
  • Sabal palmetto, native to the south-eastern USA, Cuba and the Bahamas

Examples of "cabbage-palm" in Sentences

  • I was rather surprised to find some cabbage-palm trees
  • There were palms and wild figs in abundance, and with cabbage-palm hearts as a substitute their meat diet was abandoned.
  • Their plantations of cabbage-palm, bananas, and cocoa-trees stand out in welcome relief from the gloomy background of the forest.
  • One of them performed on a kind of stringed instrument, made out of the stem of a cabbage-palm, and about two feet, or two feet and a half, in length.
  • So, with full water-casks, a renewed store of figs, cabbage-palm tops, and other vegetables, the safari pushed into the desert, going forward day and night.
  • It is uncrossable for horses, and the intervening parts are crowded with fine large weeping tea-trees, large Leichhardt-trees, tall cabbage-palm, pandanus, and other trees.
  • He had also, his food to obtain and to cook -- goat's flesh or cray-fish, which he boiled in his large sauce-pan; and to gather the tender tops of the cabbage-palm or other vegetables, for bread.
  • Mr. Banks and Dr. Solander; and in the evening the gentlemen returned, with an account that what had been taken for cocoa-nut trees were a small kind of cabbage-palm, and that, excepting about fourteen or fifteen plants, nothing could be obtained which was worth bringing away.
  • The path which led up to the intrenchment, lay across fields of “phormium” and a grove of beautiful trees, the “kai-kateas” with persistent leaves and red berries; “dracaenas australis,” the “ti-trees” of the natives, whose crown is a graceful counterpart of the cabbage-palm, and

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