IPA: kˈæbˈɑɫʌ


  • Alternative spelling of Kabballah [(Judaism) A body of mystical Jewish teachings based on an esoteric reading of the Hebrew scriptures.]

Examples of "cabbala" in Sentences

  • The Count was a toiler after supernatural secrets, an adept, and understood the cabbala.
  • An anonymous correspondent spells _cabbala_ as follows, [Greek: chabball], and makes 666 out of its letters.
  • Eighty closely printed pages of an attempt to solve equations of every degree, which has a process called by the author _cabbala_.
  • He translated Homer's Iliad into modern Italian, helped introduce the oratorio into French music, was a noted gourmet and practitioner of the cabbala and wrote a five-volume science-fiction novel.
  • Soon after 1750, however, as occult sciences were ascribed to the Templars, their system was readily adaptable to all kinds of Rosicrucian purposes and to such practices as alchemy, magic, cabbala, spiritism, and necromancy.
  • The correspondents to whom his letters were addressed were not persons specially interested in religion or chemistry or the cabbala, and, of all men, Goethe was least likely to be obsessed by any set of ideas to the exclusion of all others.
  • The initial letters of their names happily constituted the word "cabal", which with even greater serendipity had a slightly sinister echo of the word cabbala (a secret mystical tradition of Jewish rabbis uncovering hidden meanings in the Bible.)
  • Death to the talmud, death to the torah, death to the cabbala, death to the Israeli sanhedrin, death to all hassidim, death to rabbinical mishnah nonsense, death to Judaic racism against "Goyim", death to the Palestinian Apartheid Wall of Judaism, death to all of Israel.
  • The quotations bring together two obsessions in which much of Eco's work is involved, one with logical paradox, the other with obscure facts about Hermetic traditions, magical riddles, prophecies, the cabbala, and interpretations of history and nature according to complex, hidden, and often conspiratorial patterns.
  • Beginning 'There is is no longer any Temple of the Sun' there is a disturbing resonance with the recognition by both Lettrists and Situationists that the 33rd degree Masonry embodied the final syllable of the secret word JAHBULON as a reference to the Biblical city of On - more recently Heliopolis - refined by ANONYMOUS to the deceitful (cunning) Albertopolis - a name which covertly draws in the European Monarchical cabbala linking the Kaiser to Ra, the sun-God, rededicated to Osiris, God of the Dead.

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