IPA: kˈæbi


  • (informal) A cabdriver; someone who drives a taxi.

Examples of "cabby" in Sentences

  • That's not true, the cabby saw it,
  • The cabby was later charged in court.
  • I will give the cabby a pass for thinking I could be the pilot.
  • “Why do you want to go there, anyway?” the cabby asks as he drives.
  • He swears that he will wire the cabby the money the moment he gets home, but the cabby is a total dick.
  • We eagerly took the opportunity to get down and do stamping exercises and "cabby" arms to try and get warm.
  • Just save those arguments for when they're really needed, rather than wasting them on the little things, like whether or not you spell "cabby" with a y.
  • Examining his mouth, they disputed as to his age, and called the cabby to have his opinion of the thing's fetlocks, warning each other to beware of his rearing.
  • Mayor Bloomberg yesterday called the cabby-on-pedicabby brawl "totally inappropriate" -- and was particularly disturbed that the pedal-pusher threw a trash can at his taxi-driving foe.
  • In spite of the protest of the citizens of the great metropolis, "cabby," with his smart livery, his soft, suave and polite "want-a-cab?" was to be forever hushed by the ear-piercing jingle of the car bells and the coarse yells of the driver.
  • When we told him there wasn't a trace of Tracey our cabby was being a touch churlish, as Ms. Emin is a native who really put Margate on the map, or of Mr. Hirst in the opening exhibition, he expressed surprise—and a little contrarian pleasure.

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