IPA: kˈæbdraɪvɝ


  • One who drives a taxi for a living.
  • One who drives a carriage for a living.

Examples of "cabdriver" in Sentences

  • Taxi is the daily story about a cabdriver, and his customers and family.
  • Taxi is the daily story about a cabdriver, and his custumors and family.
  • Their father worked as a cabdriver and did various jobs in the garment trade.
  • Or the reference might talk about one cabdriver, or one tree, or one robbery.
  • At the time, he was reportedly working as a cabdriver during a visit to Seattle.
  • And I noticed his hands were really sweaty,'' recalled the cabdriver who had seen all types.
  • Except for a shouting match with a Vietnamese cabdriver who tried to steal their luggage, there were few tense moments.
  • Well, if the cabdriver is the Riverman, he’s been doing it for a number of years, and so it’s quite clear that he’s pretty good at it if he’s been doing it for that length of time.
  • Believing that my wallet was gone forever, I started calling my bank and credit card companies, but the front desk clerk called my room, saying, “A cabdriver is in the lobby with your wallet.”
  • During the entire ride to West Philadelphia, the cabdriver tuned into different radio bands trying to find out what happened, speculating about the nature of mankind and crime and delivering his take on life as he knew it.
  • An ordinary cabdriver, a West Cumbrian Homer Simpson, who in fact had worked at and been fired from the Calder Hall reactor, one morning got up and shot his twin brother, his lawyer, and killed twelve people before shooting himself.

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