IPA: kˈeɪbɝ


  • A long, thick log held upright at one end and tossed in the Highland games.

Examples of "caber" in Sentences

  • The series won a Caber award in 1981.
  • Participants in the Caber toss must be strong.
  • If successful, the athlete is said to have turned the caber.
  • In Scotland the caber is usually made from a Larch pine tree.
  • Caber is a good friend to Leir and usually accompanies him in battle.
  • Leir and Caber later entered Asgard again through a dimensional portal.
  • Events such as caber tossing and typical Scottish cuisine attract the masses.
  • When talking about objects (or people) fitting in some physical place, caber is always the verb to use.
  • _tinel_ -- huge bludgeon, beam, "caber" -- but he afterwards turns out to be Guibourc's, or rather Orable's, own brother.

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