cabin class

IPA: kˈæbʌnkɫˈæs


  • accommodations on a ship or train or plane that are less expensive than first class accommodations

Examples of "cabin-class" in Sentences

  • “I am a cabin-class passenger, not from the steerage.”
  • They're intended to introduce a new cabin-class, below economy.
  • The Mirage is the only pressurized, piston-powered, cabin-class, aircraft available on the market today.
  • Because there was a dinner reservation for five, the Dimond party, in the cabin-class dining room, Dodger said proudly.
  • Even when signing the contract for _Songs of the Spaceways_ he made his mark in a cabin-class liner somewhere between Luna City and Ganymede.
  • His main duty would be the care and feeding of cabin-class passengers - mostly tourists and businessmen - who boarded in the late afternoon, hoping to relax on the voyage and awake refreshed at their destination.

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