cable television

IPA: kˈeɪbʌɫtˈɛɫʌvɪʒʌn


  • Television received through coaxial cables; specifically, a TV service that provides reception to suburbs or other residential areas through utility lines and offering a wide variety of TV channels through satellite reception.

Examples of "cable-television" in Sentences

  • Andy Cohen is the executive vice president of programming for the Bravo cable-television network.
  • The cable-television industry has experienced broad gains of late as the economy has become healthier.
  • He and his wife, who has a part-time job as a school custodian, have gotten rid of their landline telephone, cable-television service and cut back on fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Liberty Global appeared to trump the two other final bidders for Germany's third-largest cable-television company: private-equity firms CVC Capital Partners and Hellman & Friedman.
  • John Malone 's Liberty Global Inc. agreed to buy Germany's third-largest cable-television company, Kabel Baden-Wuerttemberg GmbH & Co., from Swedish private-equity company EQT for €3.16 billion $4.48 billion.
  • The pool's $67 million stake in German cable-television producer UnityMedia, marked at 2.7 times invested capital, was the most successful investment, while communication-systems provider Avaya hurt performance with a 6 percent annualized loss through March 31.
  • BSkyB, which competes against cable-television and Internet provider Virgin Media Inc. and telecommunications firm BT Group PLC, added 40,000 new TV customers in the fourth quarter ended June 30, down from 51,000 new customers in the third quarter as weary consumers tighten their belts.
  • At a time of grave concerns about our economy and our national security — not to mention a period of tumult in our industry — it is obviously crucial that all media organisations develop appropriate guidelines for staff attendance at mock-political public appearances by cable-television celebrities.
  • If successful, Dish's bid would add to other recent acquisitions by Mr. Ergen as he tries to compete with cable-television companies and DVD mail-order and online streaming giant Netflix Inc. Dish has agreed to purchase DBSD North America Inc. out of bankruptcy for $1.4 billion, which would give Mr. Ergen control of that company's wireless spectrum.

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