IPA: kˈeɪbʌɫgræm


  • A telegram transmitted via a submarine cable.


  • (rare) To communicate by cablegram.

Examples of "cablegram" in Sentences

  • Thanks for putting the cablegram on ikisource.
  • "Now there's the kind of cablegram to send -- even on baby business.
  • For a group of young crossword constructors, "cablegram" is out and "wingman" and Katy Perry are in.
  • I thought your cablegram was a model of condensation, quite like that of Caesar, "Veni, vidi, vici." ...
  • In the 816-word cablegram, FDR said he was concerned about situations of extraordinary importance to both countries.
  • Ceylon, a six-hundred-word cablegram describing the habits and characteristics of the minute insect which caused the blight reached
  • There I remained as bush-whacker correspondent for my paper until its managing editor notified me that an eight-hundred-word cablegram describing the grief of a pet carabao over the death of an infant Moro was not considered by the office to be war news.
  • PRESIDENT BRACE: On Monday I received a cablegram from the Honourable Howard Ferguson, regretting that it would be impossible for him to get back to England to keep his engagement with us and to speak from London to His Honour, the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario.

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