IPA: kˈæbmʌn


  • The driver of a hackney cab.
  • The driver of a taxi.

Examples of "cabman" in Sentences

  • "Signorino, domani faremo uno giro," called the cabman, with engaging certainty.
  • It is strange, to say the least of it, that the cabman should be the only person to see or hear anything of him. '
  • "Yes, to get hold of the cabman is the principal thing," said Nevill, without any ring of confidence in his voice.
  • This needless blurting out of confidences to a cabman was the one folly essential to a complete restoration of his wits.
  • My cabman has been the confidant of an amount of humor and apt quotations and clever sayings which you will never know, and which you will never guess.
  • Happily the cabman was a kindly and compassionate spirit, and did his uttermost to help them, moving heaven and earth, in the way of policemen and small shopkeepers, until, by dint of much inquiry, he found
  • If he had remained with his trunks he would have seen that the cabman was the same one who had brought them and him from Craven Street, and he would have given any other address in London than the one he did.
  • His escape was simple and dignified; he called the cabman, who knew him well, and who knew, moreover, what was required of him; and the priest was snugly in bed, though perhaps exhausted with blood and pleasure, when the news of the murder followed him to his village.
  • Robert, the journey to London, which had latterly seemed to her secretly - distressed anticipation like a sunken city -- a place of wonder with the waters over it -- all passed by smoothly; and then it became necessary to call a cabman, for whom, as he did her the service to lift her box, Rhoda felt a gracious respect, until a quarrel ensued between him and her uncle concerning sixpence; -- a poor sum, as she thought; but representing, as

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