IPA: kˈæbʌtʃʌn


  • (chiefly attributive) A precious stone which has only been polished, not cut into facets.

Examples of "cabochon" in Sentences

  • It was a heavy gold circlet, set with a cabochon ruby.
  • The gold is decorated with cabochon gemstones and coral.
  • There are two general types of gemstones cabochon and facet.
  • This method works well for either cabochon or faceted stones.
  • It is often cut as a lapidary cabochon and used as a gemstone.
  • A round sapphire cabochon on the crown of a men's dress watch.
  • Another find was a small gemstone, a cabochon polished sardonyx.
  • A carbuncle is an archaic name given to any red cabochon cut gemstone.
  • A 'carbuncle' is an archaic name given to any red cabochon cut gemstone.
  • Cabochon adornments are sometimes made of cinnabar, agate, moonstone, or amber.
  • The gems are usually cut en cabochon in order to best display their chatoyancy.
  • “Fass,” fiss or fuss; the gem set in a ring; also applied to a hillock rounded en cabochon.
  • A single cabochon emerald on a long golden chain hung between her breasts and added green to her eyes.
  • "When you think of a cabochon sapphire, you don't think of a helmet, yet that's what the shape is inspired by."
  • It is fashioned out of a silk plain weave, gold-metallic thread weave, a cabochon turquoise and egret feathers.
  • Now, the company cherished for its bold use of colored stones, cabochon cuts and serpentine coils is making its brashest move yet: a merger with French luxury giant LVMH.
  • Thomas began initially for himself, working in copper and sterling silver with semi-precious cabochon (unfaceted) stones, broadening his oeuvre into gold and precious gems.
  • Before digging into a lobster napoleon, Ms. Chao mingled among some of her masterpieces: a choker with the weight of 36.64 marquise cut diamonds, a crimson rose butterfly made of 9.45 carats of cabochon cut ruby.
  • Chanel classic flap bag in satin embroidered with glass cabochon jewels, €4,500 On the grounds that Chanel is still possibly the world's most desirable brand, this ritzy number flies in the face of conventional wisdom that less is more.
  • If the material is to be left in some one of the flat-backed, rounded top forms known as cabochon cut, the surfaces need only to be smoothed (by means of very fine abrasives such as fine emery applied by means of laps, or even by fine emery or carborundum cloth), and they are then ready for polishing.

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