IPA: kʌbˈudʌɫ


  • (informal) Any large collection of things or people.

Examples of "caboodle" in Sentences

  • In fact, the whole caboodle of alternatives.
  • And the whole caboodle is thoroughly referenced.
  • Place of birth, parents, the whole kit and caboodle.
  • Relisting the whole kit and caboodle is not going to be productive, I fear.
  • So, it means nothing because the whole caboodle is one and the same article.
  • The whole kit and caboodle sped from Los Angeles to New Orleans at 70 miles per hour, stopping six times along the way to put on shows.
  • A caboodle of Anglican illuminati, including Michael Ingham – who obviously does believe in something other than marrying homosexuals – has signed a declaration that states:
  • When Scotty (not "Scottie") beams him up, he should also make sure to add that Tribble on Traficant's head to the whole kit and caboodle he already beamed into the Klingon engine room.
  • I hated the whole religious kit and caboodle at such a young age, and still often wonder where the line of demarcation is between suffering from regular mental illness and just being Jewish.
  • They're selected on a schedule and by demographic in order to fuel the casino of writing programs, writing manuals, workshops, the whole company store, outlets and franchises, kit and caboodle.
  • He is, Shorty exclaims, the "hi-yu skookum top chief of the whole caboodle," and the caboodle is 20,000 square miles of wilderness, home to a hundred thousand caribou hunted by a people using bone-barbed arrows and bone knives.
  • Another part of it is that consciousness CREATES space-time and from that creation comes particularity and from that ability of particularity to exist gradually emerge both inanimate and inanimate life forms all of which dwell within the larger context of the space-time continuum which itself is a veritable ocean, if you will, of 'consciousness' in which the whole kit and caboodle continuously swims.

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