IPA: kæbrioʊɫˈeɪ


  • An automobile with a retractable top.
  • (originally) A light two- or four-wheeled carriage with a folding top, pulled by a single horse.

Examples of "cabriolet" in Sentences

  • Also known as a cabriolet or roadster.
  • He loved his cabriolet, champagne and women.
  • The cabriolet was no longer part of the line.
  • The formal cabriolet roof was added this year.
  • A cabriolet version of the Samba was developed.
  • It is currently available as a coupe and a cabriolet.
  • There will coupe and cabriolet versions in two years.
  • Cabriolet almost always refers to the car and not the carriage.
  • The foldable top causes the body style to be classified as cabriolet.
  • Cab is a shortening of cabriolet, reflecting the design of the carriage.
  • I called a cabriolet, and the first thing the driver asked was, "Is the Bill carried?"
  • The high-performance two-seater cabriolet is codenamed R2, and is being developed with VW.
  • Presenting Hitler with a custom-built black Volkswagen cabriolet for his birthday in 1942 didn't hurt either.
  • The second occupant of the cabriolet was a young girl, sixteen or eighteen years old -- sixteen rather than eighteen.
  • After the performance the gallant Desmahis called a cabriolet and escorted the _citoyenne_ Blaise back to the _Amour peintre_.
  • Lady Portmore; but in Stuart's case his cabriolet is an actual measure of economy; he sold those magnificent carriage-horses when he set it up.
  • When a bourgeois of Boulogne takes the air, he goes in a one-horse chaise, which is here called cabriolet, and hires it for half-a-crown a day.
  • The high-performance two-seater cabriolet is codenamed Audi's sister firm is also believed to be putting the finishing touches to a production version of the BlueSport concept car revealed at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show.
  • There was a beech table half eaten into by a geometrically precise hummocky valley and a pair of side tables made from cardboard, with what looked like the ghosts of elegant 18th-century cabriolet-legged wooden tables hovering inside them.
  • At Highgrove, he careened around the grounds on his bicycle or a skateboard, climbed so high up in trees that he had to be rescued by the local fire department, and totaled his miniature Jaguar XJS cabriolet—a birthday present from the manufacturer.

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