IPA: kˈæbstʌnd


  • A place where taxis wait for passengers; a taxi rank.

Examples of "cabstand" in Sentences

  • Boyd called the cabstand a "potential launching pad."
  • When I finally reached the cabstand, there was a long queue.
  • Piccadilly, and the cabstand, and the carriages going to the levee.
  • The film opens with Travis Bickle heading to a cabstand on 57th Street to get a job.
  • It's no fun to be stuck in a strange neighborhood and have to walk a mile back to a cabstand.
  • His next chance of discovery came at the cabstand, where he climbed into a taxi and asked for Hotel Savigny.
  • At four thirty in the morning, more or less, Paul was heading for a cabstand in the lower French Quarter after walking a friend home.
  • And as he spoke, flinging himself into an absurd theatrical attitude, the men in the cabstand in Piccadilly wondered and grinned at the antics of the two young swells.
  • General was not in that condition when the sneers and jokes of these young beggars had much effect upon him: the cabmen and watermen at the cabstand knew him and passed their comments upon him: the policemen gazed after him and warned the boys off him, with looks of scorn and pity; what did the scorn and pity of men, the jokes of ribald children, matter to the General?

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