cacao bean

IPA: kʌkˈeɪoʊbin


  • seed of the cacao tree; ground roasted beans are source of chocolate

Examples of "cacao-bean" in Sentences

  • _Chocolatl_, the beverage made from the cacao-bean with a mixture of vanilla, is our chocolate.
  • Left: Dark chocolate consists of cacao-bean particles and sugar crystals embedded in a base of cocoa butter.
  • Right: In milk chocolate, a significant proportion of cacao-bean particles is replaced with particles of dried milk protein and sugar.
  • Thus _nearly nine-tenths of the cacao-bean may be assimilated by the digestive organs_, while three-fourths of tea and coffee are thrown away as waste.
  • On breaking open the pod, the beans are seen clinging in a cluster round a central fibre, the whole embedded in a white sticky pulp, through which the red skin of the cacao-bean shows a delicate pink.
  • _cocoa_, with the disastrous result that modern vulgar usage mixes the two up, spells the _coco-nut_, 'cocoa -' as if it were _co-co-a_, and on the other hand pronounces _cocoa_, the cacao-bean and the beverage, as if it were _coco_.

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