IPA: kˈæʃ


  • A store of things that may be required in the future, which can be retrieved rapidly, protected or hidden in some way.
  • (computing) A fast temporary storage where recently or frequently used information is stored to avoid having to reload it from a slower storage medium.
  • (geocaching) A container containing treasure in a global treasure-hunt game.
  • Misspelling of cachet. [(archaic) A seal, as of a letter.]


  • (transitive) To place in a cache.
  • (transitive, computing) To store data in a cache.

Examples of "cache" in Sentences

  • He kept his gold in a cache.
  • I refreshed the cache on the redirect.
  • The cache was disposed of after the war.
  • In the meantime, I've refreshed the cache.
  • Miraculously it is still in the Google cache.
  • The file is cached locally and on the squids anyway.
  • The number of SRAMs depended on the amount of cache.
  • The family detonate the cache of explosives and flee the cave.
  • He eventually became the president of the Cache Stake of the church.
  • Access to the streaming cache is pipelined to mitigate some of the latency.
  • IE: go to google and type in "cache:" where is the site you are trying to recover.
  • “Free” has a certain cache of being “not worth the time and effort of a commercial game”.
  • This is because the user is still trying to use an en-us label cache which is now invalid because of the flush.
  • In the context of Web browsers, the cache is a block of temporary storage data comprised of information such as browsing history, pre-set e-mail account and private web site passwords.
  • How are ye? '— and you say, ` Is that my good husband?' — and I say ` Yes, '— and you say, ` No can bake good bread, no more soda,' — then say, ` Look in cache, under flour; good-by. '
  • March 2002 (11) 28: Tip: Getting IE 5 Mac to refresh after the cache is emptied (0) 28: Image rollovers with no JavaScript (0) 27: Dreamweaver Accessibility Add-0ns (0) 27: What is Section 508?
  • Among the bigger changes, we've completed the overhaul of the Nickname cache article to document where to find the cache in Outlook 2010 and we've consolidated all of the MAPI Constants into a single article.
  • Disk Cache Buffer in main memory  for disk sectors Contains a copy of some  The term cache of the sectors memory is usually used to apply to a The term memory … cache that is memory smaller and … memory Disk I / O … that is smaller requests Disk cache Disk 18

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