IPA: kˈæʃeɪ


  • (archaic) A seal, as of a letter.
  • (figurative) A special characteristic or quality; prestige, especially via association.
  • (philately) A commemorative stamped design or inscription on an envelope, other than a cancellation or pre-printed postage.
  • A sealed envelope containing an item whose price is being negotiated.
  • (medicine) A capsule containing a pharmaceutical preparation.
  • A hidden location from which one can observe birds while remaining unseen.


  • (transitive, philately) To mark (an envelope) with a commemorative stamped design or inscription.

Examples of "cachet" in Sentences

  • Playgirl has nowhere near the cachet of Playboy.
  • Anyway, neither of these had the required cachet.
  • If only it didn't carry all the cachet of leprosy.
  • In some homes, cachet comes in the form of history.
  • Angel's very possessive of his cachet as coolest dead guy.
  • The cachet copyright issue also depends on who designed it.
  • She does seem to have some cachet in the field of computer security.
  • Daniel believes the cachet of the restaurant will help clinch the deal.
  • The result is that the elite cachet of the pashmina has been compromised.
  • It's been around a long while, and for various reasons it has a lot of cachet.
  • Social Media makes sense for wine marketing because the cachet is in the smallness.
  • "High School Musical" and "Spider-Man" 1-3 aside, digits have lost their title cachet, and titles have become indistinguishable brand names.
  • Many of them had military experience, and this lent a certain cachet to their names: Colonels Townsend Whelen and Charles Askins, Major George C. Nonte, Captain Phil Sharpe.
  • Perhaps "universal cachet" is a new metaphor for "fat black cat with breath that could peel the bark off a redwood," because I've definitely got one of those, and she definitely demands respect.
  • My last bike was a BMW, always a nice thing to mention in Japan as the brand cachet is strong, despite the rather more staid UK image, perhaps related to the relative rarity of the bike in Japan.
  • Selling your work to a publisher that no one will read, making no money on the deal (less than no money really when you consider opportunity costs), and getting the opposite of cachet from the whole thing is no way to begin a career.
  • Paella was a peasant´s and fisherman´s stew of leftovers after market and took on a certain cachet as did bouillabasse in Marseilles and Cioppino in San Francisco but most of these concoctions are mediocre at best unless you identify public places with extraordinary talent in the kitchen.
  • Unlike in pop music, where early adopters of new technologies can gain long-term cachet by exploiting new sounds and techniques to maximum effect, Photoshop's saving grace has been in the myriad ways its many tacky filters could be adjusted or layered to produce unique and subtle looks, and the best designers distinguished themselves with work that did not speak loudly of Chrome or Craquelure.

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