IPA: kˈæʃˈɛksiʌ


  • (pathology) A systemic wasting of muscle tissue, with or without loss of fat mass, that accompanies a chronic disease.

Examples of "cachexia" in Sentences

  • Cachexia is not the same as starvation.
  • Advanced cancer and HIV can lead to cachexia.
  • RIP140 is part of the chain by which tumors can cause cachexia.
  • I'm reading a report right now that talks about sarcopenic cachexia.
  • Cachexia is a poor prognostic sign in patients with chronic heart failure.
  • Ghrelin levels are also high in patients who have cancer induced cachexia.
  • Ghrelin levels are also high in patients that have cancer induced cachexia.
  • This system is a target for drugs which treat obesity, diabetes and cachexia.
  • Megestrol acetate is the lead drug of this class for the management of cachexia.
  • The syndrome called cachexia is responsible for between one-fifth and one-third of all cancer deaths.
  • I know cigarettes cause cancer, but cancer causes cachexia, which is massive weight loss and appetite loss.
  • Maxine Lee, 39, died of meningitis, but a wasting syndrome called "cachexia" contributed to the death, according to the death certificate.
  • Note that this may also be secondary to other conditions such as chronic renal disease or cancer cachexia in which protein energy wasting may occur.
  • About half of all cancer patients eventually suffer serious weight loss and malnutrition, a wasting syndrome called cachexia where they don't just lose excess fat but vital muscle.
  • Ostarine is believed to increase lean body mass and improve muscle strength and performance in post-menopausal women, elderly men and men and women with cancer cachexia, which is body wasting brought on by cancer.
  • Muscle wasting - called cachexia - is thought to account for about 30 percent of deaths in patients with cancer, but how exactly cachexia is spurred by cancer - or indeed exactly how it leads to a patient's decline - isn't known.

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