IPA: kˈæʃi


  • a mountain in the andes in argentina (22,047 feet high)

Examples of "cachi" in Sentences

  • He was far more at home shouting "cachi" (salt in Quichua) to his herds of cattle.
  • Il faudra etre patient pour les photos depuis cachi car le debit est tres lent ici ...
  • [Footnote 1: "_Cachini_; dar el ser y hazer que sea; _cachi chiuachic_, el autor y causa de algo."
  • I've lived in Italy for the past nine years and have always wondered what cachi were and now I know.
  • [Note 55: Garcilasso de la Vega describes Cayau-cachi as a small village of about 300 inhabitants in his time.
  • But the Quillis-cachi, mourning over the destruction of his country, disappeared from among the Chancas and went to Cuzco to give the alarm.
  • So he collected the most precious spoils, and took them to his father who was in Chita, with a principal _orejon_ named Quillis-cachi Urco Huaranca.
  • In my region they are called caco (plur. cachi) (pronounced kakow/kaki) which is always the subject of gross joke (caco/cachi means "I/you shit", in Italian).
  • The news of this Indian, who was a Quillis-cachi of Cuzco, made Viracocha hasten his flight to Chita, whither the Chancas sent their messengers summoning him to surrender, and threatening war if he refused.

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