IPA: kˈæʃɪnˈeɪt


  • (intransitive) To laugh loudly, immoderately, or too often.

Examples of "cachinnate" in Sentences

  • They reach at once and directly the instinctive sense of the ludicrous, and over them youth and age cachinnate together.
  • Every time you take a full breath, or when you cachinnate well, the diaphragm descends and gives the stomach an extra squeeze and shakes it.
  • I think I shall have a mighty awesome night tonight .... and may even tell u all about it tomorrow ... (hmm perhaps not ALL) * cachinnate* relinquished - curiosity
  • But, heigho! some fly or other is the indispensable adjunct of every pot of ointment, and while I was still jumping for joy at having passed the steep barrier of such a Rubicon, there came a letter from Miss JESSIMINA which constrained me to cachinnate upon the wrong side of nose!

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