IPA: kʌsˈik


  • (historical) A tribal chief in the Spanish West Indies.
  • A local political leader in Latin America, Spain, or the Philippines.
  • (ornithology) Any of a number of tropical blackbirds from Central America and South America, family Icteridae.

Examples of "cacique" in Sentences

  • Both Cruz and the cacique die of the disease.
  • Both Cruz and the 'cacique' die of the disease.
  • One of the leaders is the son of a Chamula cacique.
  • There also seem to be gradation of cacique mentioned.
  • The stranded party suffered while the cacique was gone.
  • There is a statue of the Cacique in the city of Humacao.
  • But the cacique was a man of business, and held out stanchly.
  • Nearby, there's a monument to Chief Hayuya, cacique of the region.
  • The Cacique Acuera's reply to the Governor's message was insolent.
  • The caciques are passerine birds in the New World blackbird family.
  • The Cacique was the head of the tribe and the governor of his region.
  • A cacique of that name also participated in the Parliament of Quillin in 1641.
  • The natives thenceforward called the cacique Juan de Esquibel, and the Spanish commander Cotabanama.
  • The cacique was a sagacious heathen of considerable experience, but he had never seen a man like this one.
  • To the general's query, whether the cacique was the subject of Montezuma, he replied, "And what other sovereign could I serve?"
  • Though thus scattered, they are not wholly independent, each tribe being subject to a chief, called a cacique, whose dwelling is conveniently situated among them, for the more speedy summoning them together on affairs of importance.
  • Anthropologists and archeologists who oppose the project accuse INAH director Alfonso Maria y Campo of colluding with Pena Nieto and his state tourism director Alfredo del Mazo Maza, the cousin of a powerful PRI "cacique" or political boss, to promote the governor's presidential ambitions.
  • Manuel Sanchez Vite was dispatched after 30 years in power in 1959 when he ran afoul of President Adolfo Lopez Mateos and was replaced by his rival Carlos Junguitud. 30 years later, in 1989, Junguitud had a falling out with another president, Carlos Salinas, who installed Elba Esther as "cacique" (political boss) of the SNTE.

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