IPA: kˈækʌɫ


  • The cry of a hen or goose, especially when laying an egg.
  • A laugh resembling the cry of a hen or goose.
  • Futile or excessively noisy talk.
  • A group of hyenas.


  • (intransitive) To make a sharp, broken noise or cry, as a hen or goose does.
  • (intransitive) To laugh with a broken sound similar to a hen's cry.
  • (intransitive) To talk in a silly manner; to prattle.
  • (transitive, gambling, slang) To pretend to rattle (dice) in one's hand while gripping them so that they maintain their orientation.

Examples of "cackle" in Sentences

  • The cackle kept them awake.
  • Chickens cackle in the early morning.
  • They heard a cackle and the door slammed shut.
  • They heard a cackle in the middle of the night.
  • The "cackle" was important because she hid behind it.
  • * cackle, cackle* "I don't know what you're talking about."
  • Miss Cackle is the kind hearted headmistress of the Academy.
  • The largest Berry Bird was originally called Captain Cackle.
  • The performance is widely praised and admired by Miss Cackle.
  • The male's call is a soft whistle, and the female's is a harsh cackle.
  • There's no polite way to put this: The coverage of Hillary's "cackle" was simply sick to its core.
  • "There's no polite way to put this: The coverage of Hillary's" cackle "was simply sick to its core."
  • They label Senator Clinton's laugh a "cackle" while saying nothing about how Senator Obama's accent varies according to where he is speaking.
  • Here are some common dictionary definitions of "cackle," none of which are appropriate in the context of Palin's tweet: cack·le (kkl) v. intr.
  • He describes Clinton's laugh as a "cackle" -- which led to the Politico's Mike Allen telling him, "Chris, first of all, 'cackle' is a very sexist term."
  • Hillary, as has been the case for years, got crappy treatment from the media mostly based on stupid, non-factors like a "cackle", and driven by irrational Clinton hatred (see - Dowd, Maureen; Rich, Frank; Sullivan, Andrew; Matthews, Chris; etc.)
  • There have been all sorts of idiotic stories like the "cackle" (which actually could have been legitimate -- is she avoiding the question?) and her "coldness" or "calculated tears" but on the other hand, no-one has seriously scrutinised Clinton's claimed "35 years of experience" either.

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