IPA: kækˈɑfʌni


  • A mix of discordant sounds; dissonance.

Examples of "cacophony" in Sentences

  • There is no mention of cacophony.
  • The cacophony clearly annoyed North.
  • I really thought cacophony was the operative word.
  • Cacophony is the demonstration of unpleasant music.
  • Jason Becker of Cacophony fame could be also added.
  • A cacophony of outrage should rise from every quarter.
  • 'Cacophony' is the demonstration of unpleasant phonaesthetics.
  • It can be a cacophony of noise around a large roosting colony.
  • Insects, frogs, and birds call together in a cacophony of sound.
  • This makes for a peculiar cacophony of interconnected characters.
  • Their cacophony is making the biggest mark of the information age.
  • Adding to the cacophony is the remodeling of the upstairs apartment.
  • Tracking sports 'online cacophony is tricky enough when just focusing on league websites.
  • Lost in cacophony of the horse-race press coverage are the policies that the Republicans are pushing.
  • On one side was Andrew Keen, author of The Cult of the Amateur, railing against what he called the cacophony of Web 2.0 and the calamitous effects of user-generated content on our culture.

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