IPA: kʌdˈæstrʌɫ


  • A cadastre.


  • (cartography) of or relating to a cadastre

Examples of "cadastral" in Sentences

  • Now, the issue is cadastral or settlement...
  • A cadastral plan was prepared for lot allocation.
  • HTRS07 is currently used for the cadastral surveys.
  • They are part of the cadastral divisions of Australia.
  • The area is one of the cadastral districts of the city.
  • This is a cadastral system, not part of street addresses.
  • During the cadastral reform of 1889, it was established as a village.
  • Cadastral surveys primarily show property and governmental boundaries.
  • During the cadastral reform of 1889, it was proclaimed to be a village.
  • What remain of Pretoria is a "cadastral area" registered in the deeds registry as a township, the City of Tshwane Metropolitan said on
  • Pelican Island had a distinctly triangular shape according to J.O. Fries 'July 1902 cadastral survey for the AOU Committee, with each side measuring roughly 700 feet.
  • The Sister-Books and the various documents of practice — cadastral register, rentbooks, and anniversary books — prove this, going beyond the mere copying of texts into the realm of original composition.
  • Six days later Dutcher wrote again from his New York City office mentioning the red tape being encountered and the considerable amount of information, affidavits, and the cadastral survey he and Robert Williams had already supplied to the GLO.
  • The final chapter talks about the future of land surveying, with challenges ahead such as the possible transition to a coordinate based cadastral system and the necessity of maintaining the survey framework that already exists — plus, of course, the need for new surveyors to continue to enter the profession.
  • Of all types of colonizers 'maps, cadastral maps impinged most directly and disruptively on the lives of Africans in Magude; at the same time, they were also the most forcefully opposed form of colonial cartography, especially among communities living farther from the Portuguese government center in Magude town.
  • In part, the social power of cadastral maps derived from the "scientific" and purportedly ungendered (because disembodied) quality of their construction, for by concealing their human origins and political objectives in the precisely measured straight lines and quantified areas of their pictorial images, these mappings disavowed the possibility of change or resistance.
  • But cadastral surveys, by carving the land up into unnaturally straight-edged blocks (first on paper and then, where possible, in the soil itself), assigning (or denying) rights to it in terms of commercial ownership, and buttressing the lines on these maps with the power of state-sanctioned law, sought to transform and appropriate not only control over territorial organization but the land itselfand thus the foundation of Africans 'social organization and culture.
  • Finally, during my second trip to Mozambique, when I was working principally on land issues, I spent a total of about two weeks working in the archives of the provincial and national offices of the Direcção Nacional de Geografia e Cadastre (DINAGECA), where I found a wealth of documentary material related to land concessions and rural land politics during the colonial and postindependence periods (e.g., cadastral registers and maps, technical reports, surveys, correspondence).

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