IPA: kʌdˈævɝɪk


  • Pertaining to a corpse.
  • Caused by coming into contact with a dead body, a cadaver.

Examples of "cadaveric" in Sentences

  • Most transplanted livers come from deceased organ donors — called a cadaveric transplant.
  • Now the donor corneas that we have are cadaveric, meaning they come from people who die and donate body organs.
  • His sister Susan offered to be a live donor, "which is a far better option than dialysis or cadaveric donation".
  • When a person, at the moment of death, grasps any object firmly, there is set up a condition known as cadaveric spasm.
  • A larger trial would certainly have power to detect smaller differences, and different techniques such as cadaveric nerves, nerve sheaths, robotic techniques, etc. can certainly be tested.

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