IPA: kʌdˈɛnzʌ


  • (music) A part of a piece of music, such as a concerto, that is very decorative and is played by a single musician.

Examples of "cadenza" in Sentences

  • The movement breaks twice for a cadenza.
  • The development follows after the cadenza.
  • And promptly tell your poet that the rhyme "cadenza"
  • The end of the song features a trumpet solo as cadenza.
  • The cadenza was published separately by the organization.
  • The cadenza was published separately by' The American Organist'.
  • After a short cadenza, the piano joins in and further elaborates.
  • In his recording of the concerto, the composer used the second cadenza.
  • It concludes with a cadenza that shows off the abilities of the hardart.
  • The cadenza in the finale is notable for being accompanied by the orchestra.
  • The first movement contains a Cadenza for clarinet and the last one for violin.
  • The word cadenza, Hoffman explains, comes from the word cadence - a closing sequence in a piece of music.
  • Schnittke's cadenza for Beethoven's violin concerto ... which begins with the Joachim cadenza from the Brahms!!
  • Denk deserves credit for using Beethoven's long-winded cadenza and giving it a blood and thunder performance out of a Liszt drawing room, which may have cemented his relationship with the audience.
  • Part II: Allegro Part III: Tempo I This becomes clear in the solo "cadenza," an Impressionist reverie in which a complex mood is evoked, requiring a titanic struggle to be played with a single hand.
  • The novel implicitly asks that we take the reading of a novel to be a unique experience, not just another rote variation on an a pre-established theme, just as Laster's "cadenza" is unlike any previously heard.
  • Her harmonically exploratory, third movement cadenza sounded freshly composed on the spot, and her dreamy, exotically pitch-bent treatment of the concerto's slow movement (against very Middle Eastern-sounding color from the droning bass and skittering arpeggios on the lutes) proved an atmospheric delight.

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