IPA: kˈæɫkjʌɫʌbʌɫ


  • Able to be calculated; calculatable.

Examples of "calculable" in Sentences

  • The calculable math formula was not easy for all students.
  • "History shows that men's actions are governed by some kind of calculable law."
  • We are talking more and more about sustainability, as an end to our oil resources is something almost calculable by now.
  • Despite many such assertions there, no one has demonstrated in the least the damage that you say is "calculable" and "non-trivial."
  • But looking at the latter figure, I doubt it is even calculable from any data available -- a gross misinterpretation of some data at best.
  • The financial consequences have too many variables and unknowns – from the price of oil to the share of the national debt – to be calculable.
  • The costs of tariffs and trade regulation are far greater, because there are many implicit costs of undone/unseen deals, which are not calculable.
  • Having a classical limit makes things extremely concrete and calculable which is one of the reasons why quantum theories constructed as a quantization of a particular starting point have been so successful, especially whenever they're weakly coupled.
  • Grice pointed out that conversational implicatures have the following properties: (i) they are calculable, that is, inferable from, among other things, the cooperative principle and the conversational maxims; (ii) they are cancelable either explicitly
  • Forest's home form is calculable proof of the tenacity instilled in them by Davies – they have lost only once at home since September 2009, albeit in the play-off semi-final with Blackpool – and they will face few more rigorous assignments than this in the weeks ahead.
  • Two types of forgiveness may thus be distinguished: conditional ( "calculable" forgiveness following an act of repentance in which the guilty party promises never to engage in what is demanded by forgiveness) andunconditional (forgiving the unforgivable without conditions, a forgiveness which is incalculable and therefore impossible).

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