IPA: kˈæɫkjʌɫʌs


  • (pathology) Of, pertaining to or containing calculi

Examples of "calculous" in Sentences

  • Chinese, peculiar liability of, to calculous disease, 248; considered a delicate diet by Australian cannibals, 327
  • Dr. Thornton says: "I have used old wine of white Currants for calculous affections, and it has surpassed all expectation."
  • Its juice acts energetically on the kidneys, and dissolves the calculous formations of earthy phosphates which frequently form in the bladder.
  • It is occasionally caused by calculous concretions in the bladder, -- which should be removed, -- causing very acute abdominal pain to the animal.
  • Medical examination carried out at the end of June - beginning of July 2009 revealed gallbladder stones and pancreatitis and calculous cholecystitis were diagnosed.
  • The real test should always be “is the life meaningful” - its the same calculous we apply when we say giving mice cancer to test cosmetics is ok, but euthanizing retarded children is not.
  • Particles of stagnating Well-waters, and the calculous Concretions of others; and therefore such waters ought to be mistrusted more than any, where they are not pure clear and soft or that don't arise from good
  • This substance is said to be secreted by the mucous lining of the bladder, while in a state of chronic inflammation, but there seems nevertheless very good reason for us to believe that it is, like all other calculous matter, a deposit from the urine.
  • While, therefore, a calculus is only as urine precipitated and solidified, and this fluid only as calculous matter suspended in a menstruum, it must appear that the lithic diathesis is as natural and universal as structural disintegration is constant and general in operation.
  • And when such persons make water, the stone forced down by the urine falls into the neck of the bladder and stops the urine, and occasions intense pain; so that calculous children rub their privy parts and tear at them, as supposing that the obstruction to the urine is situated there.

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