IPA: dˈæbʌ


  • a chadic language spoken south of lake chad

Examples of "daba" in Sentences

  • Pero, por lo general, decía que le daba vergüenza.
  • Famous people. at times the history of the town of Dabas.
  • Always with the flutes. the daba-daba voices, the harpsichord.
  • A rebel leader on Trydetol who joins up with Daba and the others.
  • The southern border of the province is home to the Daba and Muturwa.
  • Daba then breaks into the conflict armed, and attempts to rescue Mian.
  • Leccee falls in love with Daba and defects from the military to join him.
  • She eventually follows Daba and the others to Trydetol and back into space.
  • The daba will also be called on to perform specific rites if someone is sick.
  • After the battle, Daba decides to return to Koam to live the rest of his life.
  • She is a radical woman and an inspiration for Ramatoulaye and her daughter Daba.
  • Daba, on a day to day basis, plays a far smaller role in the lives of the Mosuo.
  • They named it after a local locust, the daba, who consumed everything before it.
  • Pop the puffed flatbread as you place it in a plate/chapati container/poLicha daba.
  • Una especie de marabú al que daba hospedaje un árabe de los alrededores de Constantina se le ha llevado el cofre y la hija.
  • Hoy, con tono de broma, me preguntaba Laura si no me daba vergüenza que hubieran pasado tantos días sin que escribiera en mi blog.
  • Como tengo baja presión y en cierta época me daba por desvanecerme en los lugares menos propicios, aprendí a escuchar mi cuerpo, así que me fui al balcón a que el aire frío me sopapeara un poco.
  • The Tibetan word for "very good" is "Yabadoo" and seeing how much rock is used to build all the rural villages you get the feeling that they are just one daba away from being the modern stone age family.
  • This loan will be used to buy 20 "daba" hoes for planting and weeding, 50 kg of peanut seeds and 12 sacks of fertilizer (that is, 4 sacks of complex fertilizer and 8 sacks of urea), all this with the intention of cultivating 1.5 hectares of peanuts, 3 hectares of sorghum, and 2 hectares of native millet.

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