IPA: dˈæbʌɫ


  • A spattering or sprinkling of a liquid.
  • An act of splashing in soft mud, water, etc.
  • An act of participation in an activity in a casual or superficial way.


  • (transitive) To make slightly wet or soiled by spattering or sprinkling a liquid (such as water, mud, or paint) on it; to bedabble.
  • (transitive) To cause splashing by moving a body part like a bill or limb in soft mud, water, etc., often playfully; to play in shallow water; to paddle.
  • (intransitive, of waterfowl) To feed without diving, by submerging the head and neck underwater to seek food, often also tipping up the tail straight upwards above the water.
  • (intransitive, figuratively) To participate or have an interest in an activity in a casual or superficial way.
  • (intransitive, obsolete) To interfere or meddle in; to tamper with.

Examples of "dabble" in Sentences

  • He began to dabble in the electronic arts.
  • I also dabble in the world of web design and programming.
  • Perhaps she needed to "dabble" a bit in order to find her way.
  • They dabble in themes of religion, namely the Catholic religion.
  • He dabbled briefly, and unsuccessfully, in politics in the 1820s.
  • Boyd was one of the last lumbermen to dabble in the Quebec market.
  • But the authors on the website certainly dabble in these attitudes.
  • However, on the side she continued to dabble in the arts as a hobby.
  • But the heroine is bored of married life and wants to dabble in acting.
  • • You truly comprehend the ins and outs of jQuery and don't just "dabble" in it.
  • For the record, I don't exactly dare to "dabble" in the coloured nail polish section.
  • COLEMAN: Yeah, English and Spanish fluently, and I kind of dabble in a couple of other languages.
  • Perhaps she needed to "dabble" a bit in order to find her way, and ultimately, her choice of faith needs to be respected.
  • Perhaps the question should be: Does the word "dabble" bother you when referencing part of your spiritual quest, even if it was only short-lived?
  • The previous Transporter films have had Martin dabble with romance before (once with Asian actress Shu Qi and a brief flirtation in the last film with Amber Valetta).
  • Many of the insanities start in this fashion; and all such practices, instead of being encouraged, should be discouraged; and all experienced and intelligent students of psychical research warn those who "dabble" in the subject against the repeated and promiscuous indulgence in such practices -- because of the dangerous, even disastrous, effects upon the mind, in many instances.

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