IPA: dˈæbʌɫɝ


  • One who dabbles.

Examples of "dabbler" in Sentences

  • I'm just the occasional dabbler.
  • Dabbler believes in a benevolent God.
  • I am something of a dabbler in languages.
  • What Dabbler writes increases the confusion.
  • I am a dabbler, but he's actually studied this sort of stuff.
  • Both he and Dabbler want to make it clearer but less accurate.
  • Dabbler in the search for ultimate causes and general principles.
  • He was indeed something of a dilettante and dabbler in many pursuits.
  • Such a big error is the mark of an amateur dabbler, not a researched source.
  • Dabbler found a source saying he was the 6th baronet and duly moved the page.
  • The knowledgeable Columbia University alum and erstwhile "dabbler" estimated that about 30
  • I'm just 'dabbler' in the soap world, but I love seeing you link and talk about all the wonderful products.
  • Although Ms. Amato, 28, was a "dabbler" cook, her husband's idea of a fine meal was a fried bologna sandwich, she says.
  • There's the jazz student, the angry punk, the rock purist, the classical dabbler, the pop traditionalist, and the roots traveller.
  • Weatherbee was a clerk who had known naught but clerking all his life; Cuthfert was a master of arts, a dabbler in oils, and had written not a little.
  • Suffice it to say that CBS needs to get going with the premium media delivery if wants to transition from "dabbler" status to something with a vested interest in tapping the social media space to full (est) effect.
  • She suggests that the growth offered by buy-to-let property has resulted in "dabbler" landlords who, facing an economic downturn, are harassing tenants and seem unaware that evicting renters without notice can be acrime.
  • James Franco, actor and dabbler extraordinaire, will appear with "My Own Private River," a fan's tribute to actor River Phoenix that repurposes footage shot for and during Gus Van Sant's 1991 film "My Own Private Idaho."
  • As I evolved as a writer, from navel-high producer of galactic space operas to fuzz-sprouting fantasist imagining nonexistent island countries, to university dabbler in more-or-less realistic short stories to twentysomething unpublished novelist, I became more and more interested in the interactive nature of fiction.

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