IPA: dˈækˈɔɪt


  • (chiefly India, Pakistan, Myanmar) A bandit or armed robber, especially former parts of British India.


  • (chiefly India) To commit armed robbery.

Examples of "dacoit" in Sentences

  • The dacoit returned the horse to him with apology.
  • It is the notorious dacoit Daku Mangal Singh again on the prowl.
  • The dacoit was a pitiful sight, if Shivani were inclined to pity.
  • Faiz Ali is revealed to be a dacoit who has been pursued for years.
  • In her girlhood she had fended off a band of dacoits with a khadga.
  • The Project area has been suffering from continuous terror of Dacoit.
  • Faiz Ali is revealed to be a dacoit whom the soldiers have pursued for years.
  • The police were tipped of about Khuro being the dacoit and came to arrest him.
  • The dacoit was the one who took the man away; the handmaiden remained with her mistress.
  • A doctor cannot be taken as a dacoit just because he opens up the stomach of the patient.
  • Lala Ram belonged to an upper, landowning caste, and within dacoit gangs, too, everything turned on caste.
  • Without reading the article yet, I am reminded of the common use of the word dacoit (burglar, highway robber) in Northern India.
  • The folks behind the project said workers at the hotel would check in guests, serve drinks and provide relaxing massages and other services while dressed as characters from the film, including the feared dacoit Gabbar.

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