IPA: dˈækˈɔɪti


  • (chiefly India, Myanmar) Violent robbery carried out by a dacoit or a gang of dacoits.

Examples of "dacoity" in Sentences

  • Murder and bank dacoity, arson are rare.
  • Local mafia indulged in dacoity and kidnapping.
  • In an ordinary dacoity, much money is not involved.
  • These three were connived with this plot of dacoity.
  • But many members of the community are still involved in dacoity.
  • A month passed after the Kakori Dacoity, and yet no one was arrested.
  • This encounter ended over two years of urban dacoity and crime by him.
  • Until recently, the area was known for dacoity, but it is now safe for tourists.
  • Om Prakash Bansal, the owner of the factory, said the dacoity was a planned one.
  • We never do dacoity,we only sieze looted belongings of common people with criteria of social justice.
  • Bajarangadala�s sandal mafia leader Mahendrakumar shouting arrogantly after completing dacoity to take stringent action on us without any investigation.
  • The 14th Lok Sabha, for example, had about 100 members who were involved in criminal cases — 30 of whom had been charged with murder, dacoity, rape and extortion.
  • In the CPIM ruled Bengal, the leadership of these social fascists always provoked, guided and led its gooms in arsons, loot, dacoity, rape, killings and what not.
  • We are demanding government question Mahendra kumar,Sunilkumaar,Aaraga jnaanendra and police officials on this dacoity by independent investigative agencies other than police department.
  • According to details, the aggrieved family of the deceased Muhammad Asim (26) told the newsmen that the Hajipura police had arrested him from his house in Gohdpur-Sialkot (about two weeks ago) for his suspect involvement in some dacoity cases.

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