IPA: dˈæktɪɫɪk


  • a dactylic verse.


  • (prosody) of or consisting of dactyls.

Examples of "dactylic" in Sentences

  • Dactylic tetrameter is a metre in poetry.
  • Dactylic pentameter is never used in isolation.
  • Dactylic pentameter is a form of meter in poetry.
  • An example of this form of poetry is the dactylic hexameter.
  • It is found in the dactylic hexameter and the dactylic pentameter.
  • The first line set the dactylic pattern forme: we SAW the mass GRAVE at the MOS-cow ZOO.
  • But I hear it as a shifting dactylic/trochaic meter that periodically emerges as a series ofiambs.
  • (c) _The third measure_ -- called the dactylic measure -- is formed of a combination of three syllables.
  • I’d much rather gush to fellow students about how amazing Hart Crane is than practice outputting lines in dactylic tetrameter.
  • But Seely has to work with the less subtle meters of the nursery rhymes and other poems he parodies, such as dactylic and anapestic.
  • "dactylic" hexameters of Longfellow, written though they were by a skilful versifier, quite conform to "the nature of the language."
  • To be precise, if he had said: “We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Hindus and cool Jews” then it would be dactylic hexameter:
  • While its authorship is often contested, the fact remains that epic poems like The Iliad, written in dactylic hexameters, not only contributed to the evolution of the poetry genre but also to the proliferation of the written word.

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