IPA: dˈæd


  • (informal) A father, a male parent.
  • Used to address one's father
  • (slang) Used to address an older adult male
  • A lump or piece.
  • A blow; act of striking something.
  • (informal) One’s father.
  • (CD, media) A designation on prerecorded compact discs indicating that the contents were recorded in digital but mixed in analog before being mastered to a digital medium; compare AAD, ADD, DDD.
  • Alternative form of daad (“Arabic letter ض”) [The letter ض in the Arabic script.]
  • (healthcare, medicine) Acronym of Diffuse Alveolar Damage.
  • (fandom slang) Initialism of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.


  • (transitive) To throw against something; to dash.

Examples of "dad" in Sentences

  • Dad never rants at me.
  • Dad gave me my first mare.
  • Felix's dad is an optometrist.
  • I blackmailed my dad for cash.
  • His dad is a butcher in the town.
  • His dad, windbag, owns a junkyard.
  • The man's dad was benevolent and paternal.
  • His dad was the coach of the football team.
  • Dad, the soda machine in the kitchen jammed.
  • At the end all the kids are pulled in the wagon by Dad.
  • About the entire my dad has cool CDs even though he is my * dad*.
  • They dont seem to like me all that much but my dad is a different story.
  • When your dad is a mailman and your mom is a hippie, you get an education any way you can, Steve.
  • Mine was one of the first white families to move here in the middle of the race riots while I was a baby (my dad is a teacher).
  • Because my dad is a neat freak and he would be so upset if he knew I'd let some soap scum accumulate on the shower, or toothpaste gum up the sink.
  • Yes | No | Report from shermanator wrote 5 weeks 4 days ago my dad is a teacher and loves it because we always take a couple of kids hunting afterwards so i love and i hope to become a teacher to help pass it on cause its a cool thing to do
  • Give us a break, your dad is a criminal, not only because of this recent scandal but his envolvement with Halliburton, That's one reason Cheney wanted the Iraq War, so he could get his company in there and make all that money off the lives of our men and women in service ....... he should also be Tried for Murder (For every man and woman that has died in Iraq)

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