IPA: dˈɑdeɪɪzʌm


  • The cultural movement of Dada.
  • Alternative form of dadaism [The cultural movement of Dada.]

Examples of "dadaism" in Sentences

  • Dadaism aims to destroy by ridicule...
  • Dadaism was more a world view rather than a style.
  • His influences include both dadaism and expressionism.
  • His works belong to Dadaism and Surrealism of the modern art.
  • Their lyrics are often absurd showing a reminiscence of Dadaism.
  • Post irony exists in the aesthetic lineage of Dadaism and Surrealism.
  • Similarly, pop art was both an extension and a repudiation of Dadaism.
  • I am interested in religion, dadaism, outsider musicians, and pop culture.
  • One problem I have is the mention of Dadaism without the mention of Surrealism.
  • Dadaism and surrealism were historically linked yet also opposed to each other.

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