IPA: dˈædi


  • (usually childish) Father.
  • (informal, with article) A perfect example, a role model.
  • (informal, in early use chiefly African-American Vernacular) A male lover.
  • (dated slang) An informal term of address for a man.
  • (BDSM, sexual slang) A dominant male partner, often used as an address.
  • (slang) A male juvenile delinquent in a reformatory who dominates the other inmates through threats and violence.
  • (slang, obsolete) A stage manager.
  • (slang, obsolete) The person who gives away the bride at a wedding, in the absence of her actual father.
  • (slang, obsolete) An accomplice selected to win the prize in a fraudulent raffle or lottery.
  • (slang, obsolete) The man in charge of a casual ward, generally an elderly pauper.
  • (colloquial, childish) One's father.


  • (transitive, chiefly Appalachia) To father; to sire.


  • (slang, uncommon) Resembling or characteristic of a dad.

Examples of "daddy" in Sentences

  • My daddy was also in the military.
  • My daddy blanket's cheap and tatty.
  • Daddy knew hardship and the pangs of disappointment.
  • Puff Daddy created the concept of the album's intro.
  • Sam believes that his daddy is a star now in heaven.
  • Mammootty plays the best, coolest daddy in the world.
  • Both mommy and daddy do the same things in each book.
  • She just hates Jews cause her daddy is an antisemite.
  • The first villain they take out is the Ding Dong Daddy.
  • See the Daddy longlegs page which explains the differences.
  • The movie leaves no doubt that Supes is the biological daddy.
  • No Way, She thinks her daddy is a hero and did nothing wrong.
  • KING: So you have what we know as a daddy-daughter relationship?
  • Daddy Yankee said he is already recording the video for the single.
  • Now, what do they do when mommy and daddy is away ... does Grandma goes soft!! kola
  • You can just picture a little boy bragging to his friends about how "my daddy is the strongest man in the world," or "my daddy fights fires," or "my daddy cures people's illnesses" right?
  • DomainsNext argues that Go Daddy is overstepping its bounds regarding the use of the term "daddy": "your effort to have a monopoly and exclusive right to the word daddy is illegal, and defies logic and business practices".
  • Like my Dad used to say, “Ignoramuses!” come now,,, you lie … as you need to be honest with yourself and come clean we all know you do not know who your daddy is and maybe the best part of you ran down his leg after paying your mom.

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