daddy longlegs

IPA: dˈædiɫˈɔŋɫɛgz


  • (UK, Ireland) The cranefly; any insect of the suborder Tipulomorpha.
  • (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, US) Any (non-spider) arachnid of the order Opiliones, mostly with long thin legs; the harvestman.
  • (loosely) The daddy long-legs spider, any spider of the family Pholcidae.


IPA: dˈædiɫˈɔŋɫɛgz


  • Alternative form of daddy longlegs [(UK, Ireland) The cranefly; any insect of the suborder Tipulomorpha.]

Examples of "daddy longlegs" in Sentences

  • It looks like daddy longlegs are growing out of her eye sockets.

Examples of "daddy-longlegs" in Sentences

  • An old reprobate daddy-longlegs, who has never said his prayers
  • One of those daddy-longlegs arms came at me and I slipped it, but it just kept unfolding.
  • Groping under the couch with one arm, a complex network of cobwebs is disturbed, sending a family of daddy-longlegs scampering.
  • Lucy jumped if a daddy-longlegs walked within a yard of her, and everyone knew that daddy-longlegs were about as scary as Puff the Magic Dragon.
  • It was especially concerned about miserable summers that were making life difficult for creatures from craneflies or daddy-longlegs to species of butterflies, members of the tit family and bats.
  • He can watch a ladybug make its way across the driveway for half an hour, happily play with a daddy-longlegs spider until the spider (usually missing at least one long leg by this point) escapes, examine with awe the trail of ants marching up our ash tree.

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