IPA: dˈeɪdoʊ


  • (architecture) The section of a pedestal above the base.
  • (architecture) The lower portion of an interior wall decorated differently from the upper portion.
  • (carpentry) The rectangular channel in a board cut across the grain.
  • A surname.


  • (transitive, architecture) To furnish with a dado.
  • (transitive, carpentry) To cut a dado.

Examples of "dado" in Sentences

  • I will ask Danny to go for Dado.
  • Dado retired from boxing in 1940.
  • There are two common kinds of dado sets.
  • Gray Kokinara marble is used for the dado.
  • The interior is plastered above a timber dado.
  • Internally the walls are plastered above a dado.
  • Around the chapel is a panelled dado and a cornice.
  • Through dado on the left and stopped dado on the right.
  • The world of the future in DADoES is overrun by garbage.
  • Dado rails are also sometimes applied to a wall without the full dado treatment.
  • Le deberian haber dado un escenario principal durante la noche, a donde pertenece!
  • Later, the upper half, or two-thirds of the panelling, was left off, and only a low panelling, or "dado," remained.
  • This custom of decorating the walls of a building with triangles placed at intervals on the upper edge of a dado is a feature of cliff-house kivas, as shown in
  • The ermine emblematically depicted in the dado is elsewhere suspended from the collar that Federico had received from the king of Naples; in each studiolo this collar dangles from a drawer or cabinet.
  • Ya se han dado a conocer los nombres de los ganadores del WAF, el World Architecture Festival, entre los que se encuentra el Pabellón de España para la Expo de Shangai 2010, obra de Benedetta Tagliabue
  • The floor was of plain cut but elegant tiles, and the dado was a more intricate pattern of the same in shades of blue, green, and yellow, interspersed with black, but relieved by an abundance of greeny white.
  • Japan: Reactions to the Japanese tourist rip-off in Italy: parece que en Italia los turistas japoneses tienen fama de aceptar casi cualquier precio que se les pida, y esto ha dado lugar a una serie de problemas recientes.
  • En esta zona hay una gran cantidad de manantiales de aguas termales, consideradas como terapéuticas o curativas, lo que ha dado origen al establecimiento de balnearios como: Laguna Larga, San Alejo, Doña Celia, Campamento Turístico Los Azufres, Tejamaniles, Eréndira.
  • A coved ceiling sprang from the cornice, and both ceiling and walls were decorated with paintings, in distemper, of mythological subjects; the lower portion of the wall, however, having what is, I believe, termed a dado, ornamented with a diaper pattern, each square of which contained a conventional representation of a different flower.
  • There are rich Persian rugs over the polished oak floor; a high oak chimney-piece, with blue tiles inserted into it in every direction, and decorated with old Nankin china bowls and jars; a wide grate below, where logs of wood are blazing between brass bars; quantities of spindle-legged Chippendale furniture all over the room, and a profusion of rich gold embroidery and "textile fabrics" of all descriptions lighting up the carved oak "dado" and the sombre sage green of the walls.

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