IPA: dˈimʌn


  • An idea depicted as an entity.
  • (computing, Unix) A process (a running program) that does not have a controlling terminal.
  • (uncommon) Alternative form of demon. [An evil supernatural spirit.]

Examples of "daemon" in Sentences

  • Our system is running as a daemon.
  • An evil genius is not an evil daemon.
  • HAPM works with the Heartbeat daemon.
  • It is a simple, light and fast daemon.
  • They are described as being part Daemon.
  • They are the most combative of all Daemons.
  • They are similar in concept to a Unix daemon.
  • It was returned by the daemon as being disabled.
  • An evil daemon should be discussed on that page.
  • My daemon is a speed-reader that leaps before looking.
  • By the way, they told me that my daemon is modest ....
  • Daemon was the bastard son of Daena the Defiant and Aegon IV.
  • "The daemon shall not choose us, _but we shall choose our daemon_." [
  • A syslog daemon is a UNIX application that handles requests across the network.
  • OK, very quickly, a daemon is your animal companion but like a soul in animal form.
  • Personally, I am convinced that my daemon is a raccoon, too curious for her own good and always into stuff.
  • A brief synopsis: A brilliant game designer has recently passed away and upon his death, an unknown daemon is loosed upon an unsuspecting world.
  • Friday, June 06, 2008 11: 57 PM by Kirk hi Scott - is there any support for using Silverlight 2 for a web service or "daemon" - like service (i.e. Windows service, but on other platforms)? as more things get stuffed into Silverlight, it seems to makes it a better.
  • But just as the horror of a daemonless boy would be nothing without the buildup of what a daemon is in the first place (you've read HDM, right?), the constant beating-you-over-the-head with the formula is necessary to appreciate what happens when the formula, bit by bit, begins to break down.
  • Just as the appearance of the daemonless boy near the end of The Golden Compass wouldn't carry nearly so much horror if we hadn't been so entrenched in daemon-hood up until that point, I think that the formulaic content of the first six Snicket books - a major point of criticism - is absolutely essential to the disorienting effect of watching the formula, bit by bit, dissolve in later books.

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