IPA: dˈæfʌdɪɫ


  • (countable) A bulbous plant of the genus Narcissus, with yellow flowers and a trumpet shaped corona, especially Narcissus pseudonarcissus, the national flower of Wales.
  • A brilliant yellow color, like that of a daffodil.
  • (rare) A female given name from English.


  • Of a brilliant yellow color, like that of a daffodil.

Examples of "daffodil" in Sentences

  • She loved the colors of daffodils.
  • The daffodil is the national flower of Wales.
  • The daffodil is the symbol of Elmwood School.
  • The daffodil is a clear yellow and is good for cutting.
  • The picture of daffodils, is unfortunately out of focus.
  • Sabur Khan, who is now the Chairman of the Daffodil Group.
  • "Principally why you called your daffodil 'The Good Comrade?'"
  • The scarce plants found here include the Fly Orchid and Wild Daffodil.
  • It also refers to the narcissus flower, commonly known as the daffodil.'
  • The other ship in the raid is at SS Royal Daffodil interestingly enough.
  • The county hosts the regional daffodil and lilac festivals in the Spring.
  • The novel is in the form of an autobiography of Dr. Wilbur Daffodil 11 Swain.
  • One of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, the daffodil is a symbol of hope.
  • And have you noticed that the more you say the word daffodil the sillier it sounds?
  • When the casita's great wooden doors opened, I faced the beloved church, Santa Maria Magdalena, bright in daffodil yellow.
  • Their impatience at the time a bulb takes to produce a daffodil is only equalled by their distress when the golden trumpet begins to shrivel at the edges.
  • The narcissus, also called daffodil, may be held back until early spring if kept in a cool, dark cellar, but the Chinese sacred lily, which is also a variety of narcissus, comes into bloom from four to six weeks after planting.
  • In public she carried off the situation splendidly, saying to all the gossips the substance of what Anne had said in daffodil time, and saying it so pointedly and forcibly that her hearers found themselves feeling rather foolish and began to think that, after all, they were making too much of a childish prank.

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