IPA: dˈæft


  • (chiefly Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, informal) Foolish, silly, stupid.
  • (chiefly Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, informal) Crazy, insane, mad.
  • (obsolete) Gentle, meek, mild.

Examples of "daft" in Sentences

  • The idea of this page seems pretty daft.
  • Daft refers to the content not the contributor.
  • The album Daft Club was also released to promote the film.
  • At the end of the month, Daft Punk performed in Mexico City.
  • He's in the list of credited performers, and Daft Punk is not.
  • He is the father of music composer Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk.
  • Surely the daft bastard has not finally learnt to spell the word
  • Daft as it is, it is the standard, as evidenced by the Oscars numbers.
  • Daft Punk approached the company with their visual concept for the shows.
  • The album was initially released online as part of the Daft Club service.
  • We do, however, recall a daft corny film where a ridiculous hairy Michael J. Fox who looked more like Teen Ape slam dunked a basketball a few times.
  • And the whole Thotsakan brouhaha looks daft from a Western perspective, but a lot of people here in Thailand do take this sort of thing very seriously.
  • How daft is this thing going to get before even the wackiest of the wacky get migraines or something and for the love of Pete, just mercifully let all the twaddle go??
  • This is an interesting argument – some might call it daft – but it is about to be road-tested in the theatre of major championship golf by the two best players in the world, Lee Westwood and Luke Donald.
  • The point of Finkelstien bringing this to the attention of The Times readerproloteriat was to hopefully empathize with the inanity of certain daft policing strategies, dreamed up by promotion hungry cretins.

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