IPA: dˈæftnʌs


  • Property of being daft.
  • (countable) Something that is daft.

Examples of "daftness" in Sentences

  • Then McIlroy paused and began to giggle at his own daftness.
  • Rough draws us in with his aesthetic daftness, then twists the emotional screw.
  • It celebrated daftness and humour and women who forgot to put on their trousers.
  • Plus, endearingly, he's not above a bit of daftness, holding conversations with Arnold a cow noise, or dissing: Why would I want to read Ashton Kushter's tweets?
  • The problem with that argument, apart from its sinister daftness, is that the book is three months away from publication has presumably not yet been read by the thought police of Hackney.
  • So when I visited the set a few months ago to make this backstage video, it was pleasing to hear that "the tone" was more in keeping with series one; more self-contained stories and more daftness.
  • His current set mixes well-crafted stories about the idiocies of his straitlaced dad with an acknowledgement of his own daftness in being snapped by the News Of The World snorting coke outside a nightclub.
  • Jason Cook: The End (Part 1), On tourDespite hailing from Newcastle and working in the merchant navy prior to taking up comedy, Cook's no tough guy: what he offers instead is a mixture of laddish daftness and genuine warmth.
  • Paranormal Activity it ain't, but for anyone remotely scared on their lonesome, this is a good way to remind us that celebrities – or people on obscure TV channels – are just like us: indulging their daftness to the point of comic horror.

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